hawos Oktini sold beech housing

The motor – a robust heart of your Oktini
A powerful industrial motor ensures that your Oktini operates quietly and powerfully even at high capacity.

Stone millwork for a finely ground result
Your Oktini's stone millwork has little in common with a classic millstone. We use millstones of corundum in ceramic which have been finished with diamond tools after firing extremely hard, with an even structure and a rough surface, to enable milling to the finest possible grade.

Some recipes require finely ground flour, while others call for more coarsely processed ingredients. Using the adjustment bar, you can select the precise grade of fineness you need at one touch. And a brush integrated into the millwork sweeps the Oktini clean following the milling process. You can use hawos Oktini to mill all types of grain in household quantities (e.g. rice, amaranth, emmer, wheat, spelt, kammut, millet, maize and even soy beans)


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Technical Details for the hawos oktini

Housing solid beech

Grinding capacity for (wheat)




approx. 100 g/min

approx. 250 g/min

Hopper capacity (wheat) approx. 650 g
Grindstone ø (corundum ceramic stones) 70 mm
Weight approx. 6,6 kg

Motor output

Mains Voltage

360 W

230 V   

Hight allowance for bowls 11,5 cm

Footprint Dimensions

(W x D x H)

190 x 190 x 335 mm
Surface-finish Linseed oil varnish
Safety mark tuev_gs_ce
Guarantee 10 years

Price 230 V

Price 110 V

€ 329,00

€ 369,00

Special Features

-Single handed operation